November 2020

Thrive Yoga Colorado Main Page, built by Carin Lockhart, website developer

Thrive Yoga Colorado is one of my recent sites.  It is part of the suite of Thrive sites that I have created over the last few years, creating a single site to house Thrive Yoga studio information.  It shares the same branding as its sister sites and tells Brittany Phelps unique story.  Check it out!

person thinking

Who Am I?

Many times, when I ask a new client about their website goals, it becomes clear they are not really sure what business they are in, who their target customers are, or what their brand is.  It’s as if they think building a website will create clarity.  But it doesn’t work that way.  Your website is …

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You need to know your target customer. You can’t be all things to all people, so hone in on exactly who is best suited for your product or who is already buying your product. Make them real – give them a name, image, and complete profile. Print it and post it in your workspace. Your …

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artist's palette

Color Palette

Reflect your brand with your color choices on your website. Your colors convey your company’s vibe and contribute to the usability of your site, so choose them wisely. Match your logo colors. Start by incorporating the colors of your logo. If you are unsure of the exact colors, use a color picker. For example, if …

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