Hi!  It’s nice to virtually meet you.  Do you need a new website, a website renovation or content clean-up on your existing site?  I would love to help you with it!  I enjoy the challenge of truly understanding you and your business, helping you craft an online presence that reflects your brand, is visually compelling, is easy-to-use for your customers and helps you achieve your goal(s).

I spent my career in the tech industry, leading software and hardware product development teams and managing large programs.  When I semi-retired and started my own yoga business, I found that I missed having a toe in the business and technical world.  The blend of creativity, organization, human factors and technology that go into the development of websites is very satisfying to me.  I welcome having more sites to build!

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My Approach

for crafting your website
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Measure of Success

It’s important to begin by understanding what you are trying to accomplish with your online presence, i.e. how will we measure success?

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Users & Use Cases

Who will be using your site and how will we be guiding them there?  What do they need/want to do when they arrive on your site?

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Your Brand

What is the brand/style of you and your business?  We want visitors to feel right at home on your site.

Once we have clearly defined your measure of success, users, use cases and style, I will provide you a proposal and estimate for the remaining work.  Most work is done at an hourly rate, with ongoing discussions about new requests and their estimated cost.  You’ll be able to see your site during the whole process so that you can try things out and provide input.

a few other notes…
  • Sites will be developed using WordPress, a free content management system.
  • All sites will have core security, SEO, performance and maintenance elements built in.
  • All sites will be desktop and mobile-friendly.
  • You can host your site with your selected hosting provider, or I can host it for you.
  • I can teach you to maintain your site, or I can do it for you.
Let's Talk
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