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Marketing books are helpful when creating a website

Little did I know, when I first started developing websites, how much my business knowledge would come in handy. If you are thinking that you are going to start your business with a website, I urge you to reconsider. If you are thinking of putting up a quick site to augment your new business, I would also suggest caution.

Your website is the beautiful digital storefront that customers travel to as a result of your marketing efforts. It is key to create a cohesive business plan, brand, and marketing plan before you build this critical asset. After all, there is an excellent chance that your call-to-action will reside here.  

Books like David Marcel’s Branding and Marketing for Startups and Effective Copywriting Strategy will help you create a strategy and plan to ensure all of your marketing efforts are cohesive, actionable, and realistic. I like his style of writing, which is very straightforward and digestible. I listened to them on Audible and found myself turning to my keyboard multiple times to tweak copy, try a new marketing idea, or provide a new idea to one of my clients. Whether you are new to these topics or have a lot of experience under your belt, you will find helpful information.  

I disagreed with one suggestion he provided: that startup owners avoid the expense and create their own sites on Wix. I take issue with this because your website plays a huge role in conveying your brand, and turning potential customer interest into action. Also, as you have likely already discovered as a startup or small business owner, it is hard to be good at all aspects of your business. Websites require many diverse talents: graphic design, digital design, human factors, copywriting, text creation, and more. It is hard to be great at all these things. Even if you decide to build your site, consider getting assistance in at least some key areas. That said, I truly enjoyed the books and recommend them 😉

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