Camp4coffee home page built by Carin Lockhart, website developer


The Camp4Coffee website is in warm, earthy tones, both reflecting the brand and bringing to mind cozy winter days and a warm cup of coffee.  Its main focus is to make it super easy for customers to view and purchase coffee.  It also highlights the quirky, fun-loving personality of the owner, Al Smith, by showing a video on the main page, highlighting his blog and showing the non-profits to which he contributes.  This is a good example of an e-commerce site, using woo commerce and its associated Storefront theme.

We’ve continued to grow this site, adding things like a Camp4Coffee Birthday Club, role-specific product views and enhanced e-commerce options.  Also, as we gather usage information, we can continually evolve the site to meet the needs of Al’s customers.

“Thank you for your efforts to rebuild our website.  This has been a great process that has caused me to re-think how we interact with our online customers.  Our sales are up considerably.  Our customers are happier.  We can make changes per customer suggestions. We can change the product offering easily.  And our error/mistakes are down dramatically.  This has been fun and functional.  I look forward to what is next.  Al Smith-Camp4Coffee Founder”

See more pictures of the Camp4Coffee website on my portfolio page.

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