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Color Palette

Reflect your brand with your color choices on your website. Your colors convey your company’s vibe and contribute to the usability of your site, so choose them wisely.

  1. Match your logo colors. Start by incorporating the colors of your logo. If you are unsure of the exact colors, use a color picker. For example, if you are using Chrome, you can add the app Colorzilla. This app allows you to bring your logo, or any image, up on your screen and then hover over it to obtain the hex color code. You can save the various colors and then go back to retrieve them as needed on your site.
  2. Understand a bit about color psychology. Pick colors that fit your company’s vibe and your site’s purpose. Check out this article from 99designs for more information.
  3. Make your site visually interesting by creating a distinct, cohesive palette. You can create your palette in many ways, but one of my favorites is to use Pinterest. Search for “color palette,” and view the options. You can also to build a cohesive palette.

A few more considerations:

  • Use distinctive, contrasting, colors for your call-to-action. You want your desired actions for your customers to stand out. Refer to the color psychology post.
  • Make great use of space and neutral/no color. Color is eye-catching, but too much is overwhelming.
  • Get feedback from some test users. Colors are something you can easily set up or change globally from the WordPress customizer. Have some friendly humans view your site, changing colors if necessary.
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