Check out some of the sites I have created to get a feel for my work.  I try to ensure that each site is unique, reflecting the brand and goals of its customer.


a WooCommerce Site

The Camp 4 Coffee site is in warm, earthy tones, both reflecting the brand and bringing to mind cozy winter days and a warm cup of coffee.  Its main focus is to make it super easy for customers to view and purchase coffee.  It also highlights the quirky, fun-loving personality of the owner, Al Smith, by showing a video on the main page, highlighting his blog and showing the non-profits to which he contributes.  This is a good example of an ecommerce site, using woo commerce and its associated Storefront theme.

We’ve continued to grow this site, adding things like a Birthday Club, role-specific product views and enhanced ecommerce options.  In addition, as we gather usage information, we are able to continually evolve the site to meet the needs of Al’s customers.

“Thank you for your efforts to rebuild our website.  This has been a great process that has caused me to re-think how we interact with our online customers.  Our sales are up considerably.  Our customers are happier.  We can make changes per customer suggestions. We can change the product offering easily.  And our error/mistakes are down dramatically.  This has been fun and functional.  I look forward to what is next.  Al Smith-Camp4Coffee Founder”

Crested Butte School of Dance

an Info-Sharing Site

The Crested Butte School of Dance site is designed to highlight the visually stunning pictures of their dancers.  To ensure that parents and teachers can easily access information, a parent portal was created, housing all information on a page that is accessible from anywhere on the site via a right-hand floating menu.  Integration with the dance studio software, eventbrite, paypal and facebook reduce administrative work and make the site easy to use.  Photo galleries of past events let parents and students celebrate their performances.

To ensure the site is easy to maintain, post categories and wordpress widgets have been utilized to facilitate adding new content, documents and events.

“Carin was a pleasure to work with for the School of Dance website redesign! Carin took a huge task and made it seem easy with her organization, professionalism, and responsiveness. I’m thrilled with our new website, Carin captured what we wanted perfectly!”

Sage Transformations

an Appointment Booking SIte

The Sage Transformations site welcomes users with clear messaging about how this coaching company will help them as well as testimonials regarding its qualified guide.  The feel of the site reflects its owner, an extension of her overall branding.  Integration with an appointment scheduler enables customers to book appointments and pay online, freeing up the owner’s time.

Schedule availability and products can be easily maintained by the owner.  Her ongoing blog posts are easy to find and read, allowing her to connect with customers.  All of her various business elements can be found on a single site.

“I’ve worked with Carin in a few different capacities. From a mentor, teacher, and friend. Her knowledge of technology, the body and how it works, as well as in the energetic realms astounds me. I never would have made it through some very busy and stressful times if it weren’t for her yoga nidra club. She is a true gift to this world! And she nailed my website!”

YoGo on the Go

an Online, Subscription-based Site

My own YoGo site houses both my yoga offerings and my Yoga Nidra Club.  This subscription-based product provides customers fresh meditation and yoga content each month, linking with Youtube for audio and video recordings and Anchor for my podcast.  A discussion forum enables users to raise topics.  Customers can pay via PayPal recurring payments, making it easy for both me and them.

I also sell products on my site via woocommerce and paypal.  This means all payments come through a single source, making it easy for me to receive and track payments.  An interface to Mailchimp adds new users to my email lists, allowing me to send them newsy updates.

Yoga for the Peaceful & Thrive

Yoga Studios

The Yoga for the Peaceful and Thrive Yoga sites both host vibrant photos, upcoming events and class schedules.  These sites link to MindBody for class registrations and payments.  Most frequently used options are shown both in menus and theme-based visuals on the home page.  Easy to view on a desktop, tablet or phone, these sites are visually compelling and easy to navigate for yogis.

It was key to ensure these site were low maintenance.  We crafted carousels and sliders so that canva poster images, which were made for marketing anyway, could be easily uploaded to the site.  Use of the unique decal and logo images carries the studio branding to the online presence.

Thrive Online

a Subscription-based yoga site

The Thrive Online site boasts a subscription-based online yoga studio.  Members can view video-based yoga practices and listen to meditations.  Its key that members can easily subscribe and locate just the yoga practice or meditation that suits their needs.

This site uses wordpress plug-ins to manage memberships.  A video-based theme provides a easy-to-navigate site.  Videos are housed on YouTube, making storage free and uploads easy.  Post categories are used to easily sort like-items together to support multiple search options.