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You need to know your target customer. You can’t be all things to all people, so hone in on exactly who is best suited for your product or who is already buying your product. Make them real – give them a name, image, and complete profile. Print it and post it in your workspace. Your mission is to provide value to this person, to tailor your website for their use. There are online tools for this process, one of them on Hubspot: Creating a Buyer Persona.

Sometimes you have more than one persona. For example, maybe you have a yoga site providing online classes to yogis as well as packages to corporations. If this is the case, create both personas; this will help you create a clear delineation between your products and services, tailoring your site, or sites, for each user.


The benefits of creating personas:
  1. You become laser-focused about what this customer likes and needs, tailoring your products and their value statements.
  2. You create a site customized for how this customer interacts with technology and the look and feel they prefer.
  3. You engage on social media platforms that your target customer uses.
  4. You create ads and promotions targeting your customer’s demographics.
  5. You feel more connected to your customer because they feel like someone you know.

Image from Persona Vectors by Vecteezy

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